Wolf Silhouette

Good Weekend

Took Friday off work and went to the farm. Messed around at the house Friday because of the rain. Saturday I took GFWTR and Abby for a Ranger ride around the farm. GFWTR took me and Abby's picture in front of the largest tree on the farm.

After the ranger ride I gave Abby her first lesson in operating heavy equipment.

As you can see she is a fast learner.

Sunday I shot a pistol match (special classifier match) at the local club and manage to take first in Revolver and one of my classifier scores might actually count for the first time in over a year. That afternoon had a cookout at my mother-in-laws and then mowed the lawn late that afternoon. They really need to make a baler attachment for a push lawnmower.

Monday Abby and I did 14 very hot miles on the bike. Found a mile of new trail that has a bit of gravel trail through the wood and a nice new pavement hill climb. Monday evening had a nice cook out with Na-na, Grandma and Pap-pap. Abby was quite the character that evening.

Summer is definitely here Abby needed a bath every night over the long weekend.

4:00 AM can't sleep rambling

Shoulder woke me up, must have slept on it wrong, surfing the web waiting for the Advil to kick in.

I did 42 miles on the road bike this past Sunday afternoon. It was pretty slow with several stops and even pulled Abby a few miles of it after meeting up with GFWTR and Abby. It was a church bike ride so we has all ages for at least parts of it. The great thing is my arse felt fine. I road a few miles Monday night and everything felt just fine. Because Abby got grumping I turned around on the ride early or Sunday would have been closer to 50 miles. I am looking forward to trying that ride again with no stops and see what I can do.

I have the itch for a new bike. I am seriously considering a cyclocross bike since I am doing so much street riding. Specifically a Kona Jake if I can find a 2009 or 2010 for a good deal. Trying to find a used cyclocross bike has not been a fruitful search. That said giving the bombed out nature of the sidewalks around here maybe a full suspension downhill bike might be a safer choice.


After years of resisting Facebook I have finally caved and have created a Facebook page. Friend me if you want. So far the best thing about it is I can post picture direct to Facebook from my phone.


So on the way out of work tonight I rolled 100,000 miles over on my Honda Element. Exactly one day less than five years after I bought it.
Not Quite Perfect

To Chrome and back

So I posted in this earlier entry about how bad Firefox was on my home 64-bit Vista machine and that I was switching to Chrome. Well Chrome is still running good on my 64-bit Vista machine and my 32-bit XP netbook. But at work on my 64-bit XP workstation Chrome is pretty bad. It constantly corrupts downloads. Streaming music get a periodic glitch in the audio and streaming videos (like youtube) rarely plays through a clip without stopping. I really like the Chrome interface but at work I am back to running Firefox 4.0.
Wolf Silhouette

Great day cross country skiing

So Abby went to Nan-Na's this morning and GFWTR and I went cross country skiing with some friends. After skiing most of that same group went out to dinner. We stopped and got Abby for dinner. It was a good day. I am going to be very sore tomorrow having not cross country skied in 20+ years. The two beers at dinner went straight to my head and I am feeling little pain at the moment as long as I don't try to move to quick.
Not Quite Perfect

Holy Memory Leak Batman

So I am, as usual, behind the times. I just upgraded my home and work machines to Chrome. Not that I really hated Firefox but damn if Firefox running on Vista 64-bit didn't have a memory leak the size of a manhole cover. From a fresh reboot my Vista machine would have ~32% of system resource used. I would start Firefox and it would go up to ~38%. Let it sit over night and the next morning I would often be above 50% resources used. If GFWTR was also log in 24 hours after a reboot the system would be approaching 80% resources used. With Chrome the next morning with both of us log in where only in the 40's. I'll be interested to see how much better Chrome runs on my netbook when I get a chance to install it.
Wolf Silhouette

Good evening

Abby and I hung out most of the day while GFWTR did stuff. I was reading her stories tonight after her bath. After reading Little Bear and Snow White she asked me to rock her. She then curled up in my arms and went to sleep while we rocked in the rocking chair. She hasn't let me rock her to sleep in a long time.