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MagPul PMAGs are here!

My MagPul PMAGs are here. So far I like them a lot. Haven't got to use them shooting yet (they just got here today) but they fit in my RRA AR-15 very nicely and drop free even when empty. They seem very sturdy and well made. Used both my LuLa and my fingers to load them up and they load up just fine. Hopefully in a week or two I can get out to the range and do some rifle shooting and see if they function as nicely as they look.

Click on any of the picture of a larger version.

USGI Straight 20rd, C-Product 30rd, MagPul PMAG

Here's the C-Product magazine stacked on the PMAG

USGI Straight 20rd, C-Product 30rd, MagPul PMAG

C-Product and PMAG

The PMAG comes with a dust cap. It's suppose to be used for storing the magazine loaded. The cap take the tension off the feed lips to keep them from creeping out of shape.

Got to take the new toy apart

Another picture of the PMAG in my RRA Coyote Rifle

Finally a picture of two other new addition to my AR-15. On the left you see a Badger Tactical latch handle and on the right an oversize forward assist a good friend gave me.
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